Our portfolio consists of decades of success solving complex, multi-faceted design and operational challenges like the examples shown here.

Discrete Multi-Part Assemblydiscrete multi-part assembly

Delicate aluminum and paper components were precisely die-cut, then lifted and placed onto pallets by a robot. Pallets were conveyed to stacking stations, where 49 individual parts were placed in final formation and wrapped. Overall system speed was 32 ppm.

Key technologies included precision laser-cutting, robotics, servo-driven cold staking, and laser measurement.

Dispensing and Fillingdispensing and filling

Pockets were formed in a web, filled with liquid, positioned by a vision-guided robot, and then heat-sealed to cards cut from a second web running simultaneously. Overall system speed was 1,200 ppm.

Key technologies included robotic vision inspection, linear motors driving a dual-hitch feed mechanism, and multiple and simultaneous filling within an aseptic environment.

Web Processingweb processing

Three polystyrene webs and one coated membrane were die cut and ultrasonically welded together with a part repeat of approximately one inch. Final product was inserted into cartridges, then individually labeled and bar-coded. Overall system speed was 1,000 ppm.

Key technologies included continuous motion ultrasonic welding, part tracking, and integration of 54 servo axes and 15 PLCs.