Technology Integration for Manufacturing

Technology integration is key to manufacturing success. We specialize in sophisticated, complex processes that improve your system’s accuracy, reliability, and safety.

We evolve with each project, learning new technologies, deepening our knowledge base, and leveraging our unique history to create powerful, forward-thinking solutions.


We have exceptional insight and expertise in:

Environmental Systems

Many automation systems require robust environmental controls, particularly in industries such as life sciences or food and beverage. We have extensive experience with temperature and humidity control, air flow and filtration, and systems requiring easy wash-down capabilities.

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Many of our systems integrate vision. Our controls engineers are experts at helping you choose the right camera, illumination method, and image processing software for your specific project need.

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Robots are a key element of many automated manufacturing systems. We have years of experience integrating robots into our equipment, and extensive knowledge in maximizing robotics technology for a particular application.

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Data Labeling

Automated manufacturing depends on efficient, accurate data acquisition and labeling to track production at every stage — from initialization to process completion, through packaging and distribution.

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Data and Product Tracking

Effective data and product tracking brings numerous benefits to your entire automated manufacturing process. We can help you monitor, gather, process, and report production data in real time.

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Dispensing and Filling

Many of our automated manufacturing systems integrate dispensing or filling technologies. We have extensive knowledge in such challenges as ensuring sterility, dispensing at consistent volumes, and adjusting for the unique properties of the product being dispensed.

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Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding offers a unique way to bond various materials at a molecular level without solder or adhesives. We have integrated ultrasonic welding into many systems where clean, strong, efficient bonding is of the utmost importance, including medical device and pharmaceutical applications.

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Part Feeding

Fast, trouble-free part feeding can make all the difference in meeting cycle rate goals for your automated manufacturing system. Our expertise encompasses various feeding methods for a wide variety of parts and components.

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Coating technologies play a role in many of the systems we build, particularly those incorporating web processing and handling. We understand how to produce precise, consistent results utilizing a variety of coating methods.

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