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Machine Builder

Position Title: Machine Builder
Department: Assembly
Reports To: Assembly Supervisor


Position Objective:

Fit and assemble components according to blueprints or sketches to construct, rebuild and repair special machines and equipment using hand tools and power tools.


Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Read and analyze assembly blueprints and specifications manual, and plan machine building operations.
  2. Fit and assemble components according to specifications and test for conformance to specification and operation:
    1. Align components for assembly and assemble parts using hand tools.
    2. Verify conformance of parts to blueprints using measuring instruments.
    3. Assemble, set up and operate machine to verify functioning, machine capabilities and conformance.
    4. Form and fasten pneumatic and hydraulic lines, fixtures and attachments required to service machine with air, water and oil.
    5. May install wiring and electrical components to specifications.
  3. Debug assemblies and machines by identifying and correcting problems affecting proper operation.
  4. Fabricates and modifies parts as required.
    1. Layout hole locations; drill and tap holes on parts for assembly.
    2. Set up and operate metalworking machines to fabricate or modify parts.
  5. Perform installation, debug, repair and other field service duties that require offsite travel.


Essential Qualifications:

  • Two-year degree in the machine trades or related degree and at least 4 years of experience in machining or machine building. If no degree, at least 6 years of relevant experience in machining or machine building is required.
  • Ability to read blueprints.
  • Knowledge of fits, tolerances, alignment of mechanical components, and an understanding of actuators as well as mechanical functions and systems.
  • Must possess the communication and interaction skills to perform in a collaborative/team environment.
  • Ability to effectively read and write in English
  • Ability to travel overnight, as needed, to service equipments. Must be able to travel by car or air as needed.
  • Possession of own set of hand tools.


Desirable Qualifications:

  • Working knowledge of hydraulic systems.
  • Working knowledge of machine wiring.
  • Journeyperson Machinist ranking.


Physical Demands:

  • Continuous standing, grasping and carrying.
  • Frequent walking, bending, squatting, reaching, twisting and lifting for extended periods of time.
  • Frequent lifting and moving of parts (up to 50 pounds) at shoulder level.
  • Visual ability to read prints and visually inspect; peripheral vision to avoid moving equipment.
  • Hearing ability to monitor machine sounds and communicate safety instructions with assembly team.


Working Conditions:

  • Exposure to moving equipment.
  • Occasional exposure to loud noise.
  • Exposure to high voltage.

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